Give charity without a delay, for it stands in way of Calamity.


Sympathetic Organization For Afghans or SOFA is not just an NGO or a team or a group of people who want to do something better for their people and country but it is feeling of few youngsters, having hope for all tribes and best future for entire Afghanistan.

In 2011 SOFA was just a thought and a Facebook page where posting reality and facts about Afghanistan was the aim, but thanks to followers and all those who encouraged Sameer Waheed the Founder and the first and last maybe who would die for this dream till it came true.

Right now SOFA has established not just an NGO but branches in many provinces of Afghanistan as well, where hundreds have been helped and supported by SOFA and its sympathetic and hardworking members.

SOFA beliefs in a different Afghanistan for women and children where final destination will be to have afghan women as astronaut and afghan children having IQ above 200… Impossible? Some of you might think and believe so but SOFA and its team will prove that dreams come true by its unique strategy and plans for best afghans and better Afghanistan.

our mission

To ensure that people with learning disabilities are fully involved in making decisions about all aspects of their lives.

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Make donations

That we can fulfill your long distance dreams of helping and supporting those who counts on you.

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Help & support

To change the culture of child marriages and child abuses by the name of tribal and culture differences.

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our programs

Is to equalize the children of pamir with kabul the capital in aspects of every type of Social Services, Education and Health.

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Our Organizational Chart